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Healthy strategies to handle situations.

Life Skills taught by Anchored4Life: 

  • Social Skills
  • Stress reduction skills
  • Ability to identify setbacks (positive and negative)

Coping is integrated into life skills development by:

  • Utilizing peer-to-peer led groups on our Topics to model, teach, and practice life skill development.
  • Anchored4Life and participating locations provide training to Team Leaders to support their peers with identifying setbacks and ways to bounce back.
  • Actively encouraging the development of an individualized coping skill plan for youth to use in distressing situations.
  • Sharing positive and inspiring Quotes to assist with overcoming setbacks.
  • Providing access to Family Guidebooks. Guidebooks are a compilation of tips and resources for parents and caregivers to feel more knowledgeable in being able to support their youth struggling with change.


Sense of belonging, rapid integration.

Life Skills taught by Anchored4Life:

  • A strong sense of belonging and sense of security
  • Strong values
  • Ability to create and maintain strong relationships with friends, family, and the community.

Connection is integrated into life skills development by:

  • Encouraging classroom support to build lasting connections. 
  • Implementing Anchored4Life Features to support connecting youth to their participating location, community, and friends/family.
  • Modeling and practicing introductions with adults and peers.
  • Ensuring new youth are welcomed and connected with others at the participating location.
  • Connecting participating locations through social media and Shout Outs.
  • Creating a safe and supportive environment with safe individuals’ youth know they can reach out to for help.


Handles situations effectively.

Life Skills taught by Anchored4Life:

  • Healthy coping mechanisms for real life situations.  
  • Increasing confidence in leading their peers. 
  • Knowing what to do to overcome a stressful situation. 
  • Knowing when to ask for help.  
  • Cultural Competence 

Competence is integrated into life skills development by: 

  • Providing Peer-led groups for opportunities to practice. 
  • Monthly peer-led Meetings to build leadership skills. 
  • Team Leaders modeling and implementing the A4L Features. 
  • Selecting Advisers who are trained to facilitate a safe and secure environment for peer-to-peer support to flourish. 
  • Giving Advisers additional knowledge to better support their participating location (i.e. Adviser Monthly Support). 
  • Being open minded to differences and embracing those differences in peers and community cultures. 


Self-esteem building

Life Skills taught by Anchored4Life:

  • Youth who trust in their abilities
  • Acquire mastery of skills
  • Make good choices and develop integrity

Confidence is integrated into life skills development by:

  • Identifying and using strengths to encourage and motivate in overcoming obstacles.
  • Hosting peer-led groups
  • Using quotes to maintain a positive mindset.
  • Teaching connections to build strong relationships.
  • Building trust with safe adults.
  • Encouraging youth to get out of their comfort zone to lay a foundation to be open to new experiences.


Developing a longstanding focus on responsibility

Life Skills taught by Anchored4Life:

  • Kindness towards others.
  • A strong sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • Knowing the difference between right and wrong.
  • Making choices that align with youths’ values.

Character is integrated into life skills development by:

  • Identifying the needs of the community and addressing them through Service Projects.
  • Using peer-led groups for a safe environment to identify values and practice making wise choices.
  • Promoting kindness through our topics.
  • Approaching all youth with a smile and an open attitude to learn more about them.
  • Understanding that “different” is okay and taking the time to listen to others.


Helping peers and service to others

Life Skills taught by Anchored4Life:

  • All youth MATTER!
  • Helping others feels good and is driven by commitment and responsibility.
  • Motivating youth to take action.

Contribution is integrated into life skills development by:

  • Encouraging our Team Leaders and their participating location to personally contribute to a service project from start to finish.
  • Acknowledging the Team Leaders for their contribution to Anchored4Life and their positive impact on their peers.
  • Advisers and Team Leaders modeling generosity with their time and resources.
  • Inspiring Team Leaders to help others.
  • Showing Team Leaders how their efforts have made a difference in the lives of others.


Having responsibility to make wise choices

Life Skills taught by Anchored4Life:

  • Youth can control outcomes of their decisions and actions. 
  • Realizing there is a consequence for their choices (positive or negative).
  • Responsibility 

Control is integrated into life skills development by:

  • Encouraging youth to recognize even their small successes so they know they can succeed.
  • Advisers and supportive adults provide praise when making positive choices.
  • Peer-led meetings provide Team Leaders the opportunity to make decisions and take action on A4L Features. Advisers are advised to take a step back in the implementation.
  • Peer-to-Peer programming affords Team Leaders to be positive influencers.

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